Talking about successful cases of assistance to wards and report on how your donates improve their lives

Anna Mora

was born in 2012

Diagnosis: spastic tetraporesis, cerebral palsy, air force

Assistance: purchased and delivered from Poland verticalizer with electric drive. Anyura's mother Oksana herself actively helps other mothers of special children and was infinitely grateful for our great work!

Total amount: 51200 UAH

Regional Clinical Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Palliative Care for Children "Hippocrates"


Within the framework of the joint charity action "Generous Tuesday" with the student-teacher team of municipal school No. 26, two chairs-deckchairs for bathing children with cerebral palsy were purchased. Schoolchildren have collected the amount necessary for the purchase of one device which greatly inspired the permanent donators of the Foundation to join. Together we purchased and delivered much-needed gadgets for the wards of the center.

Total cost: 20450 UAH

Kyrylo Sitalo

was born in 2018

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia, level 5 according to GMFCS. 

Help: The Foundation team visited Kirill and his sister to present a set of specialized dishes in Merefa. 

Total cost: 1125 UAH

Maria Martseha

was born in 2016

Diagnosis: hypoplesia of the cerebellum, worm, brain stem, microcephaly.

Help: thanks to your donations, the first acquaintance with Mariyka was accompanied by pleasant gifts: specialized French-made dishes which will allow the girl to eat on her own. You have no idea how great happiness can be a common opportunity for most people. 

Total cost: 2163 UAH

Vladislav Dementievskiy

was born in 2002

Diagnosis:cerebral palsy, spastic tetroparez

Help: our team has come to Vladislav more than once. In the first acquaintance they have presented a traditional set of specialized dishes which Vlad was very pleased with. But during the conversation, they found one trinket that prevented Mother Yelvir from walking with her son more often – the lack of a footrest on a portable wheelchair. The footsteps traveled a long way from the manufacturer in the United States to Merefa and have given Vlad's family Great joy. 

Total amount: 4100 UAH