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help for children with disabilities

During the war the “Ti Potriben” Foundation and the "Pekelna Kuhnya" project have launched the program of broad assistance to the Ukrainian Army and the population of Kharkiv

The main areas of our fund's work:

  • We cook and deliver hot meal for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Troops;
  • We provide food and all necessary hospitals in Kharkiv;
  • We repair war-damaged buildings for the population;
  • We organize evacuation for civilians of Kharkiv and region.
  • We organize the purchase and delivery of medicines, devices for military, etc.

Details for donations to the fund account:

details for donations in UAH recipient "Ti potriben" 43822744 account UA543515330000026005052164220 Kharkiv GRU JSC "Privatbank" 

The Foundation cares for children with disabilities. At the moment, among our wards are children with cerebral palpment and other groups of palliative patients.

These are patients suffering from malignant neoplasms in stage III-IV of the disease, HIV/ AIDS, congenital malformations, cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, atrophic-degenerative and other progressive diseases and post-traumatic conditions that cannot be cured.

Modern medicine and technologies can improve the quality of life of such patients. Unfortunately, the state is not able to solve everyone's problems. But by joining forces, we can give such children the opportunity to move around, go for walks more often, eat independently and safely, conduct clinical studies in time to maintain optimal health.

Our main motto is that small actions are more important than big intentions!

So any amount of contribution you can share with those who need it is sufficient and valuable! 

Our website has a very simple and transparent system of assistance. You choose who to help, you see how much has already been collected and for what specialized goods. We also publish reports each month on all financial receipts and expenses. And we share successful stories when your help solved someone's problem. All reports and successful stories in our News and social networks. Join!

Our achievements:

We regularly bring hot meal and provide 

necessaty for the supporting normal doctors work

Emergency Department of the 4th Hospital
Delivered food, medicine and belongings

essentials for the population

Alekseevka and HTZ districts
The repairing team work

We are repairing windows and doors after bombing

Streets: Heroi Praci, Svitla and Zubenko
Our partners:

Veronika Belova

6 years old, Kharkiv

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

Needs:wheelchair, special utensils

Kyrylo Sitalo

4 years old, Merefa

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia

Needs:wheelchair, special utensils

Dmitriy Garagulya

17 years old, Kharkiv

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraporesis

Needs:wheelchair, special utensils

Vladislav Dementievskiy

19 years old, Merefa

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraporesis


Small streams of help will unite in a large stream of good deeds

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